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Frozen Food Delivery | Calorie Controlled

Frozen Food Delivery | Calorie Controlled

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Johannesburg delivery 


(Foragr will be closed from 15 December - 10 January )

Good things (and tasty meals) take time. Thankfully, we put in the hours and effort so that you don’t have to. Every meal is made to order, and prepared from scratch at our kitchen in Johannesburg. Local and organic produce is used wherever possible. Our recipes are tried-and-tested favourites (the kinds you’d find on the creased, sauce-spattered pages of a family recipe book) and are always inspired by what’s in season. We do our best to cater to those with protein or calorie-based nutritional goals, as well as those following a plant-based diet. Once the meals are cooked and ready to go, they’re packed into individual portions, frozen and delivered to your door, ready to reheat and enjoy whenever.

One meal serves as a hearty portion for one. Weighing between 450 - 650 grams


Once our meals are prepared, they are stored in aluminium containers. Allow your meal to defrost overnight and then simply remove the cardboard lid and pop in the oven or Air Fryer for 20 minutes at 170° C. You can also pop the meals out of their containers and onto a plate and microwave for 5 minutes.


Thai Green Mushroom and Chicken Curry
A delicately tangy curry with assorted mushroom and chicken fillets, served with fluffy rice. Kcal: 631 | Protein: 74g

Grilled Chicken with Sticky Potato Wedges
Sweet and tangy honey-mustard sweet potato wedges, served with pan-fried chicken fillet strips. Kcal: 631 | Protein: 65g

Grilled Steak with Crunchy Green Beans
Grilled rump steak, paired with a crunchy green bean and cherry tomato oven bake and tangy balsamic vinegar. Kcal: 670 | Protein: 53g

Chilli-Tomato Chicken Livers
A tangy tomato-infused sauce, with fresh chicken livers. This nutritional powerhouse of a dish is served with basmati rice Kcal: 635 | Protein: 30g

Oregano Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
Crispy grilled chicken pieces, on a bed of crunchy cauliflower rice and almonds. Topped with homemade basil pesto. Kcal: 650 | Protein: 50g

Hake with Parmesan & Tomato
Oven-baked hake, topped with juicy cherry tomatoes, capers and creamy parmesan and placed on a bed of butternut mash. Kcal: 286 | Protein: 45g

Butternut Cottage Pie
A warm and hearty mince dish, topped with creamy butternut mash. Kcal: 355 | Protein: 29g

Creamy Broccoli & Chicken Bake
A delicious mix of broccoli florets, carrots, and chicken pieces, baked in a light cream sauce Kcal: 527 | Protein: 37g

Sticky Ginger Roast Chicken
A delicious Asian-inspired dish - with super juicy chicken pieces, slippery sweet onions and a sticky ginger sauce on a bed of basmati rice Kcal: 635 | Protein: 40g

Bang Bang Chicken Curry
An Asian-inspired flavour explosion. A mild tamarind-infused curry, paired with juicy chicken pieces and finished off with coconut milk. Kcal: 635 | Protein: 40g

Steak with Butternut
Juicy pieces of steak paired with cinnamon flavoured oven-roasted butternut Kcal: 622 | Protein: 52g

Rosemary Roast Chicken
Oven-baked chicken pieces with mixed vegetables, basmati rice and a light gravy sauce Kcal: 495 | Protein: 37g

Traditional Bobotie
A traditional favourite! Spiced mince and vegetables with a crunchy, firm custard topping. Kcal: 506 | Protein: 38g

Chicken Lasagne
A twist on the classic with layers of low fat creamy sliced turnips and cauliflower with chicken. Kcal: 370 | Protein: 25g

Baked Pumpkin Risotto
A flavour-packed risotto dish - with oven-roasted butternut, cherry tomatoes and streaky bacon bits Kcal: 665 | Protein: 42g

Baked Gnocchi with Mushroom Ragu
Oven roasted mushrooms, in a rich tomato sauce, tossed with fluffy pillows of potato gnocchi. Topped with fresh basil and mozzarella. Kcal: 490 | Protein: 23g

Mexican Burrito Bake
Spicy beef mince, with corn and black beans, layered between fresh tortillas. Covered with cheddar cheese and jalapenos and oven-baked until golden. Kcal: 375 | Protein: 32g

Butternut Gnocchi with Sage Pesto & Bacon
Homemade pillows of butternut gnocchi, pan-fried and topped with crispy bacon and a creamy homemade sage pesto sauce. Kcal: 560 | Protein: 28g

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