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Baby Tomato Garden in a Bucket

Baby Tomato Garden in a Bucket

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Baby Tomato Garden in a Bucket

Everything you need to grow your very own baby tomato garden and it all comes in a cute bucket! Perfect for a sunny windowsill, patio or veranda. Watch your baby tomato garden grow and enjoy your very own home grown little tomatoes!

Makes an adorable gift 

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The story behind Little Garden Gatherers

Once upon a time, a love for gardening sparked special moments between granny and her little ones, as well as precious mommy-and-me times. This delightful journey bloomed into something special – our children's gardening boxes! We saw how important it is for children to play outside and discover the wonders of gardening. Our boxes are like nature treasure chests where children can learn and have fun growing all kinds of wonderful plants and crafting with things they gather in nature. In our busy world, gardening is an escape for little ones—it helps them relax, learn, and enjoy. Parents can join in too, creating a fantastic family adventure that benefits everyone! Happy gardening little garden gatherers!  🌱✨

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