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Banana Leaf Bags

Banana Leaf Bags

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Sisol Bag

East African artisans fashion strips from banana leaves into baskets, boxes and whimsical animals. Weaving banana fiber provides an environmentally-friendly source of income for many rural Kenyan & Ugandan artisans.

These Kiondo banana leaf bags are hand woven from Sisol, which is a string derived from banana leaves that are dyed using sand. This is a Kenyan method of manufacturing accessories and fabrics. These bags are available in assorted colours. If you have a special request please contact us. The bags come in the smaller, more porous variety, or the bigger more tightly knit variety as you can see in the picture. The handles of the bigger bag are made from genuine cow leather.

These items are handmade and do not have the same finish as items made by a machine in a factory. We believe this is part of their charm. 

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