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Beaded White Goose Family

Beaded White Goose Family

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Handmade Wire Frame South African Street Art

🦆 Discover the Enchanting World of Beaded Artistry 

Introducing this gorgeous, unique piece of art meticulously crafted by a talented African artisan. This enchanting creation celebrates the rich cultural heritage and artistic finesse of Africa, capturing the essence of its vibrant traditions.

ğŸŽ¨ Unleashing Authentic Beauty 

Each wire and beaded sculpture is a true masterpiece, delicately handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations. The artisan's skilled hands bring life to every detail, infusing the duck with a distinct personality and charm. Vibrant beads, thoughtfully chosen, adorn the wire frames of this sweet goose family.

🌟 An Artisan's Passion 

This family took the artist almost a week to produce and they have been made with skill and with care. Behind every beaded masterpiece lies a passionate artisan whose dedication to their craft radiates through their work. By owning this exquisite piece, you not only embrace the artistry but also empower local communities, supporting sustainable livelihoods and preserving age-old artistic traditions.

🏠 Unique Homeware 

Place this handmade duck family on your mantlepiece, floor, or table, and watch them transform your living space with their sweet charm.

This handmade duck family set is a meaningful present for art enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and those with an appreciation for cultural treasures.

🌍 Make a Difference 🤝

With each purchase, you contribute to a brighter future for the African artisan community, fostering sustainable development and empowering skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.

The Mother goose is approximately 35cm in height and the Dad is approx. 40cm in height
The Goslings are approximately 25cm in height

Please note these items are handmade and do not have the same finish as items made by a machine in a factory. We believe this is part of their charm.

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