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Bird Feeder, by Itso

Bird Feeder, by Itso

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Beautiful, handmade and quintessentially South African. 20cm diameter bowl and 60cm in height. R380. Remember, subscribers get 10% off by using the promo code in our Tuesday newsletter!

Hopper feeders like this are attractive to most feeder birds. Bird feeders are best hung in a place where your visiting birds feel safe from predators. Most important: Avoid open and noisy areas and hang your bird feeders at eye level or a little above. A sheltered northeastern exposure is best for hanging a bird feeder since birds like to feed in the sun and out of the wind. Birds also prefer to have a clear view over their feeding area so they can see any predators. Typically birds like to eat early in the morning so that is when they will be looking for food. Your bird feeder should be full at dawn so the birds will find it first thing when they are searching. If you have not yet been feeding birds in your backyard, it may take from one day to several months before the birds in your area discover your new feeder. Be patient and consider the following: It is important that you use a seed type or seed blend based on the birds in your area.

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