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Cheese Gourmet Charcuterie Box

Cheese Gourmet Charcuterie Box

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Cheese Gourmet, Linden

Cheese Gourmet was born out of passion for the love of South African cheese. Starting over 30 years ago at the Irene Market. We have just celebrated our 19th birthday in our Linden shop.

Treat yourself to a simply delicious box of cheese, preserves, cured meat, confectionary, fruit and baked goods. We deliver every Wednesday and Friday. To be eaten on day of or day after delivery. Ideal for a picnic date. Only available to our Johannesburg customers.

The contents come in a simple brown box or bag, unless you'd like them packaged aesthetically for a friend as a gift, in which case you can pay an extra R100. 

Contents of this box:

R495 Charcuterie box

  • Assorted Cheeses 350g - 400g : an infused mini Cheddar wheel encased in wax, Emmental slices, a wedge of Wensleydale Cranberry cheese and a surprise cheese. 
  • A jar of preserves. Variations include: olive tapenade, olives, figs, jams etc.
  • Cured meat 
  • A confectionary like fudge or iced ginger biscuits 
  • A fruit item like fresh figs or grapes 
  • Baked goods, including bread and cheese sticks

R1,200 Deluxe Charcuterie Box 

  • Assorted Cheeses 550g - 600g: a small round of Cheddar cheese, a hunk of Emmental, a wedge of Wensleydale Cranberry cheese and two surprise cheeses. 
  • Olives or olive tapenade
  • Cured meats 
  • Olive oil and balsamic vinegar 
  • Confections 
  • Baked goods 
  • Fruit 

Jo and Brian, the founders and owners of Cheese Gourmet in Linden, are often visiting the farms and meeting the people behind the product, be it cheese, charcuterie, olives or wonderful home grown fruit jams and pickles.

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