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Truffle Pig Recce

Truffle Pig Honey Pack

Truffle Pig Honey Pack

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Contents of R260 pack:

1 x 340g Creamed Honey 
1 x 170g Salted Creamed Honey 
1 x 170g Vanilla Creamed Honey 

This exclusive honey trio pack was created for Truffle Pig Pantry by Waggle Craft Honey with organic, natural, and regenerative practices in mind. These sustainably-sourced honeys are sourced from South African bee farms and are never heated or filtered. Plus, no added preservatives or artificial flavours are included; meaning you can enjoy the sweet taste of honey while supporting local beekeepers.

Serving Suggestion: 

Vanilla Honey: If cosy campfires and the taste of roasted marshmallows came in a jar - this Vanilla Honey would be it! try it as a sweetener in teas, a sugar substitute in baked goods, or add a sweet twist to your favourite cocktail.

Salted Honey: Do you like salted caramel? Then you will love this carefully created craft flavour. With the salt breaking the usual sweetness of the honey:

  • Serve on warm toast with butter
  • Drizzle over pancakes or flapjacks
  • Spruce up an easy ice cream dessert, drizzle with salted honey and chopped nuts
  • Drizzle on your granola in the morning
  • Use in baking - substitute 1 cup sugar to 3/4 cup honey
  • Try a Salted Honey vanilla milkshake
  • Pour into whisked cream for Pavlova

Creamed Honey: Canola honey is sunshine trapped in a jar by nature's little magicians: the bees! A delicious raw creamed honey, perfect for those who like to keep things simple. This beautiful honey is very light in colour and sweet in taste - just like pure, creamed canola should be.

Fun Fact - The Waggle Dance is a thing. Bees do it to communicate with other bees when they're all out hunting for nectar.


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