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Farm Butter by The Butter Lady

Farm Butter by The Butter Lady

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Hand formed and hand packed artisan butter. 

Natasha, artisan butter maker, is the founder of The Butter Lady, a small business she started in 2020. Natasha feels that making butter ethically and sustainably is her calling. All of her products are free from preservatives, colourants, artificial flavourings, bulking agents and emulsifiers. They are 100% natural. The Butter Lady supports local and ethical dairy farmers whilst providing customers with grass-fed dairy products that are free from routine antibiotics and rBST hormones. Natasha wraps her butter in sustainable paper from Germany. Perfect to reuse as baking sheets or air fryer sheets.

The main benefit of grass-fed butter is that it has a much higher nutrient density compared to conventional butter. This means higher levels of Vitamin K2, greater content of Omega-3 fatty acid, 3-5 times more CLA levels and higher levels of Vitamin A and Carotene, which gives our butter its rich yellow color - 100% natural with no colourants 💛

“I like to think of The Butter Lady as an urban brand - bringing the benefits of 'farm to fork', a sustainable system to our urban lifestyles. We use traditional methods of churning, for example, our butter is a small batch churned daily. We also do not use prior frozen cream to make our butter. All our butter is made in the same week that the cows are milked ensuring the freshness of the product.”

At the moment we are supplying her beautiful butter in 250g salted blocks selling at R83 each. (prices fluctuate with the cost of shipping). 

Gauteng delivery. 

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