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Fenugreek Hair Oil (50ml), by Econest

Fenugreek Hair Oil (50ml), by Econest

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Natural Hair oil infused with Fenugreek oil or Methi oil. 

Handmade in small batches

The Botanical Range is a self care range that helps to calm, soothe and relax you from your hair and face to your fingers. Fenugreek hair oil contains fenugreek oil and coconut oil that helps all types of skin especially dry flaky hair. It is an emollient that nourishes your scalp and hair that helps to encourage hair growth.

Most of the products we use from reputable beauty and aesthetic stores contain toxins. Econest Natural Products aim to eliminate all foreign bodies that may be harmful to our bodies over the long term. These products are handcrafted with love and raw, natural ingredients. Natasha selects each ingredient herself, and spends many hours on research and testing, making sure that she comes up with the best natural product using little to no heat. Natasha is the proud mom of a four year old boy. 

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