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Frozen Food Delivery | Soups

Frozen Food Delivery | Soups

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Johannesburg delivery 


(Foragr will be closed from 15 December - 10 January )

Good things (and tasty meals) take time. Thankfully, we put in the hours and effort so that you don’t have to. Every meal is made to order, and prepared from scratch at our kitchen in Johannesburg. Local and organic produce is used wherever possible. Our recipes are tried-and-tested favourites (the kinds you’d find on the creased, sauce-spattered pages of a family recipe book) and are always inspired by what’s in season. We do our best to cater to those with protein or calorie-based nutritional goals, as well as those following a plant-based diet. Once the meals are cooked and ready to go, they’re packed into individual portions, frozen and delivered to your door, ready to reheat and enjoy whenever.

One meal serves as a hearty portion for one. Weighing between 450 - 650 grams


Our soups are stored in freezer-safe plastic pouches. Allow your soup to defrost overnight and then simply pour into the appropriate container out the soup and heat through on the stove or in the microwave.


Thai Butternut
A light coconut-based soup infused with red curry paste, lemongrass and red chillies.
Roast Tomato & Cumin
A hearty and warm roast vegetable soup, packed with an abundance of flavour.
Chicken with Lemon & Rice
Home cooked chicken soup, with a lovely and tangy Greek twist!
Caramelised Lime, Cauliflower & Coconut
A deliciously light and creamy soup, brought to life by tart limes and spicy chilli flakes.
Creamy Celery & Baby Spinach
A lovely low calorie and vegetable-packed soup, finished with a lovely dollop of cream.
Pea, Courgette & Ham
Slow roasted pork, perfectly paired with earthy peas & courgettes and topped with cream
Creamy Chicken & Mushroom
Tender chicken and earthy mushrooms, in an aromatic and comforting creamy broth.
Chunky Vegetable
A vibrant medley of fresh, hearty vegetables, in a soul-warming bowl.
Prawn & White Wine
A combination of plump prawns and delicate white wine.
Carrot & Sweet Potato
Chunky carrots and creamy sweet potatoes, a symphony of natural sweetness and
Lentil & Mushroom
A blend of hearty lentils and savoury mushrooms
Moroccan Chicken
Moroccan spices and tender chicken, that will transport you right to the streets of Marrakech.
Potato & Leek
A blend of smooth potatoes, fragrant leeks and just a touch of cream - this soup is the
ultimate classic.
Mussel, Tomao & Basil
Fresh mussels, ripe tomatoes and fragrant basil combined in a lovely broth, creating
what is known as the “Lovers’ Dish”.
Roast Pepper, Sweetcorn & Chilli
Smoky, sweet and spicy notes make up this flavoursome soup.
Malaysian Chicken Laksa
Fragrant spices, succulent chicken and creamy coconut broth.
Tender chunks of beef, hearty vegetables and a rich paprika-infused broth.
Black bean, Carrot & Jalapeno
Earthy black beans, sweet carrots and tangy pickled jalapenos with a hint of fortified wine.

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