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Liquid edible pearls, by Fancy Schmancy

Liquid edible pearls, by Fancy Schmancy

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Fancy Schmancy makes edible filled Pearls. They are handmade and taste divine, as an added bonus they make your food look luxurious and lavish. Comes in a 370g [gross] 200g [nett] glass jar. 

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Serving Suggestion:

Balsamic Vinegar 

Black Balsamic Vinegar filled Pearls. They are filled with Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy and this bestseller is not only appealing to the eye, but it also compliments any food dish. They are simply gorgeous on that Canape, Focaccia, or in Salads. They do not overwhelm your food with Balsamic Vinegar and POP when you eat them. These beauties are seriously Fancy! and One-of-a-kind. Be sure to use the liquid that they lay in too.


The powerhouse of flavour. Blueberry filled Pearls are definitely another favourite. They look beautiful in a G& T and also pair wonderfully with ice cream, cheesecakes, any alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Be sure to try this one!


A Gentle Colour, yet a Pearl that makes you say ‘oh, wow!’. These Granadilla filled Pearls are an exact replica of the fruit itself. You will not be disappointed! Be sure to add two of these to the cart, they do finish quickly. Scoop them out onto your Cheesecake before serving, your guests are guaranteed to be impressed.


Such a wonderful fruit, always a loyal taste. Bright red colour, beautiful flavour, well worth the purchase. Strawberry Pearls are great for your G & T’s, Sparkling Waters or Champagnes. Their flavour gently moves through the membrane they are encapsulated in, adding a light and refreshing taste to your drink. Add them to your desserts or as a favourite topping to compliment your dish, they are used in anything you can put your creative mind too.


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