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Living Christmas Wreaths, by Earthbound Succulent Designs

Living Christmas Wreaths, by Earthbound Succulent Designs

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This small, local business celebrates and promotes the potential of succulent gardening, as a natural consequence of living in a dry country, and because their many adaptations result in a diversity of colours and textures, which lend themselves to creative and waterwise gardening. Growing succulents is an innovative alternative to traditional gardening. Each product is handmade, carefully considered, and unique using seasonally available succulents. Available in the traditional shape or the heart shape. Small size R450 Medium size R570 and Large R650. Subscribers get 10% off their order by using the promo code released every Tuesday in our newsletter. 

Johannesburg and Pretoria Delivery only 


Plants are real and growing - planted in soil. Give them about ten days to settle during which time it is better to leave them where there is shade/natural light but no direct sunlight. After ten days, bring them out into the sun. They love sun! The more the better. Sun brings out their vibrant colours. Minimum requirement: natural light.
Watering - once a week for 3 weeks in a row. After that once a month.
Water by submerging your creation in a big enough basin/container for 1 to 2 minutes at a time. This is the gentlest and most thorough way of watering. You want the water to get to the roots, without damaging the coir that covers the soil.

Let your plants grow wild and when the time comes, break your wreath apart (cut and remove the fishing line) and transplant them to pots or to your garden.

To water: completely submerge in basin or big enough bowl for a few minutes until all the bubbles have gone (air has escaped). Do this weekly for 3 weeks to make sure your succulent creation has settled. If your sphere is too big/heavy to submerge in water, use a garden hose and gently water from the top. Catch the run-off in a bucket and re-use the water.

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