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Artisanal Tea leaves and bags

Artisanal Tea leaves and bags

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Cup Classique products didn’t travel the world for you to enjoy them.  No additives, preservative free, slow-grown, handcrafted and produced as close to the source as possible. It is about being small-scale, local, ethical, healthy and environmentally conscious throughout the process. Working with nature and not against it. Reducing the distance between cup and soil. 

From the growing to harvesting, to processing and packaging, everything is done by hand and by real humans. All the packaging is environmentally conscious and as waste free as they possibly can make it. The tea kraft boxes are cut and printed in Johannesburg, using a lock system instead of glue when assembling the box, the ink used is arsenic and lead free.

Currently we offer five tea varieties, Mint, Melissa, lavender and Korean Mint grown in Johannesburg and the Rose-hip is grown in the Eastern Free state, handpicked by a team of 6 woman. 

A reusable teabag is a single bag that you reuse like a strainer- so the tea comes loose and you can manually fill in and out the tea into the little bag.

  • Loose Mint tea leaves: 30g
  • Loose Rose-Hip tea leaves: 140g
  • 20 Mint tea bags: 26g
  • 15 Rose-hip tea bags: 140g
  • Loose Melissa and Lemon Tea Leaves: 36g loose
  • 20 Melissa and Lemon tea bags: 24g 
  • Loose Rose Hip and Sage tea leaves: 140g loose
  • 14 Rose Hip and Sage tea bags: 58g
  • Three is a party: A blend of Rose-hip, lavender and Korean mint.  Comes in the form of loose leaves 200g 

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