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Truffle Pig Recce

Plant based plastic planters with drip tray

Plant based plastic planters with drip tray

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Plant-based plastic 

3D printed using Polylactide (PLA), a plant-based plastic produced from renewable materials such as corn starch or sugar. PLA is generally considered as being more eco-friendly than traditional plastics made from fossil fuels.

These distinct planters are ideal for displaying your small indoor or desk plants. The tray could also be used as a lid, tuning this little planter into a handy container. Add a fun little container to your space to hold jewelry, colorful sweets, crystals, or a tiny succulent. 

Product Specifications: 

HEART POT: 85mm W x 79mm L X 43mm H
HALF DOME: 85mm Diameter X 34mm H
HEXAGON POT: 85mm Diameter X 34mm H
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