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Sophia's Safari Series | Wildkidsbooksa

Sophia's Safari Series | Wildkidsbooksa

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Sophia's Safari Conservation:

All you want to know about conservation. From biodiversity and creature categories to the dangers facing our wildlife & habitats. Discover how to conserve South Africa's most threatened species & what we can do to help save them.

A4 size

Also available: the Sofia's Safari Series, a set of 22 books, with a book dedicated to each letter of the alphabet. Featuring animals that start with that particular letter. The first book in the series is “The Aardvark and the Ant”, the second one is “The Buffalo and the Baboon”, the third one is “The Cheetah and the Chameleon” and so on. 

🐾 Fun, relatable characters that are based on real children from the bush!
🐾 Adventurous stories set in the African bushveld.
🐾 Interesting facts about our wildlife.
🐾 Learn more about nature, conservation, and wildlife.


About the author: Kayleigh is a mum of three living on a farm in Zululand while managing a game reserve in Mkuze. Homeschooling while living the bush life inspired the need for creative fun, engaging educational books for South African children. The love of nature is combined with learning and reading for children. 


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