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Vondi's Vegan Snack Pack Bundle for Dogs

Vondi's Vegan Snack Pack Bundle for Dogs

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This snack pack contains 5 x 200g insect based protein biscuits and 5 x 200g vegan friendly CBD biscuits. 

We ensure a healthy snack that compliments your pup’s diet. Therefore, as with all our biscuits, our GRUBS Insect Based Protein Biscuits contain no chemical preservatives, sugar, or artificial flavouring. 

CBD is an excellent solution for those looking for relief from pain, inflammation, and many other ailments, without the intoxicating influence of marijuana and various pharmaceutical drugs, which often have significant side effects.

Nationwide delivery 

Vondi’s is a company based in Cape Town established due to a strong affection and devotion for our beloved four-legged companions. 

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