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Klein River Farm Cheese | Washed Curd

Klein River Farm Cheese | Washed Curd

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Please note cheese is cut and packed by hand, thus weights are not exact

Washed Curd Cheese is scalded with hot water. This pulls lactose out of the curd, limits acid production and gives the cheese a smooth, even texture.

Sizes (please note, cheese is cut and packed by hand thus sizes vary slightly): 200g, 1kg wedge or 3kg Quarter. Prices Vary


The fruity, earthy and umami flavours ooooooze out when melted.  Raclette’s name is derived from the French word, racler, which means “to scrape”. Once the cheese hits the heat, scrape onto your favourite dish! Light that fire, we’ll bring the Raclette. Serving suggestion: serve with Pizza, Fondue, wooded Chardonnay, Merlot or Pale Ale. 


A unique press & curd-cutting process created a creamy, mature cheese with a rich, robust flavour. Produced by hand in our tiny 1300L vat, this cheese defines artisanal and hand-made. Savour in its raw form. Serving Suggestion: serve on bread and crackers with citrus fruits, wooded Chardonnay, Sangia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ale or Stout.  


A cheese with a velvety, creamy texture & full-flavoured umami impressions. The cheese that everyone loves! We dare you to try it and not love it! Serving suggestion: serve with Chicken, MCC Champagne or Stout. 


A young, aromatic cheese with a creamy texture that is soft and smooth. Loved by young, old and those in between. Danbo’s versatility adds excitement to any dish. Serving suggestion: serve with biltong, sliced ham, sourdough bread, Merlot, MCC Champagne or a classic SA Lager. 

  • Sustainable farming
  • Free range grass fed cows
  • Hormone-free and AB-free milk
  • Family-centered
  • Vegetarian friendly rennet
  • Slow fermented and slow matured
  • No artificial colourants
  • Hand-made, hand-brushed and hand-cut

Nationwide delivery. The cheese must travel to you directly from the farm, the wait is usually between 3 and 5 business days. 

Klein River Farm Cheese: a tribute to the art of cheese-making, outdoor dining, and the importance of family. Our mission is to awaken the artisan within and ignite a passion for culinary excellence. We go beyond crafting cheese and picnic experiences, serving as a source of inspiration for chefs, nature enthusiasts and those seeking a healthier family-oriented lifestyle. Our cheese is a symbol of our commitment to the artisan slow-food movement.

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